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San Diego from Indoors

Fanboys, Mr. TV and Casper VanDien Undressing

Rachel; at the Comic Con

First, let me tell you how happy I am to be writing this. Some time Saturday, while I was meandering through the Convention Center, my voice wandered away and I lost track of it in the crowd. So, for the rest of the weekend I scared every stranger I tried to speak to with my horrible, gravely voice. : P

So now I can express these rumbling thoughts without being caused both emotional and physical pain. I might get a bit exuberant, be warned!

I got in free 'cause I work at my university's public radio station. Press passes rock! Not that I got any of the interviews I promised my listeners. But I did get cool people to record a station I.D. for me. People like the guy who played Mike Teevee in Willy Wonka and Spike from Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted.

Freebees galore! I didn't win the signed by Tim Burton Sleepy Hollow poster, though. :'( C'est la vie! I got a t-shirt and button. They're both black and have the title in red. The shirt says "Heads Will Roll" on the back. You'll see my photo of Casper VanDien as soon as the film develops. The behind the scenes footage shown before Casper started talking did give quite a bit away, but I didn't think it was all that much. Except for the Tree of the Dead clip. That I did NOT want to see. I'm sure others were quite peeved by the giving away of plot points. Especially since half of the questions were stuff like "Is Danny Elfman doing the music?" and "Is Lisa Marie in this?" But I gave flyers for this site to the ignorant masses. Spread the word, my children! All must hear of the glory that is Sleepy Hollow. The footage certainly converted my co-host. She's almost as anxious as I am now. But not quite.

Well, Casper got up there alone, which was sort of lame. But he regalled us with tales of rehearsing his fight scenes for four months and then getting his finger broken my Ray Park during the first shot. And how, at first, he really thought that The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy was something to read to his tots before bed. He removed a layer of clothing to show off his cute Casper the Friendly Ghost tattoo. He gained about 30 pounds, grew out his hair and became pale ("Tim seems to like that look") to play Brom Bones.

But we left early. I'm sort of glad, after hearing that Casper revealed even More plot points that I just don't want to know. Our cause was just, though. I was off to queue up for the Tim Burton autographing. Only to find that the man had cancelled! (As did Julie Newmar, Adam West and Frank Gorshim on Sunday!)

Inkworks had a lovely display of photos to be used in their trading cards. Behind the scenes photos and everything! McFarlane Toys showed the original sculptures for Ichabod and the Horseman. Quite spiffy artwork!

Saturday night, there was a KISS/Sleepy Hollow party, to promote SH and Detroit Rock City. Quite disappointing, since all that it entailed was a DJ and movie posters. Bleh! : P'

But I got mas free stuff and wasted money on Pee Wee's Playhouse Fun Packs and Mars Attacks! magnets. The lady at McFarlane Toys even gave my co-host and me a free white Is each! He's so cute and eyeless. : }

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