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Wednesday, June 23, 1999

'Starship Troopers' star talks about marriage
By JIM SLOTEK -- Toronto Sun

TORONTO - Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers) has been accompanied here by new wife Catherine Oxenberg, the latest stop in a whirlwind working-marriage for the couple.

Oxenberg's was one of the stranger stories last year. She was married for 10 days last July to producer Robert Evans, and a few months later announced her engagement to Van Dien. "I'm still not quite sure what that was all about," says the ebullient Van Dien, who suggests the relationships may have overlapped. "I think she'd given up on meeting her quote-unquote-Mr. Right, and she kind of settled. Then she saw me and said 'Wow!' Those are her words, by the way."

They've been together fairly constantly. She was with him in London, while he was filming Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci. And they worked together in Israel and Rome on The Omega Code, the film adaptation of the bestseller The Bible Code. "Catherine is a beautiful woman, she's actual royalty," he says (her mom is HRH, Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia). "So it's like every guy's dream come true, marrying a princess. We're an odd couple. My grandfather ran liquor during Prohibition, and she's related to Alexander the Great."

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