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November 3, 1999

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Burton Talks ĎSleepyí Rating
Word has it that Tim Burton isnít at all happy about the R rating that has been placed upon his upcoming film, Sleepy Hollow. While talking to the Mr. Showbiz website, Burton explained, "The interesting thing about this story, it's in the consciousness [even if you haven't] read it. It's an early American horror story but [also] a folk tale. There's something very powerful about the image of a headless horseman. We just felt some inspiration from the 1958 Disney cartoon. We tried in a live action way to make the Headless Horseman elegant and strong at the same time."

Burton continues, "[T]he R rating upsets me. I have no problem showing this to some children. When I was a kid I felt if I didn't have these [horror] movies, I don't know what I would have turned into. These movies helped me. I tried to keep Sleepy Hollow in that zone, and this is the type of movie I would have died to see [as a child]. That's what we wanted to do÷ We couldn't even put a headless horseman on the poster! I ended up making him really small, and then I was driving around town and I see this huge bus stop poster of a headless horseman for some religious TV station. It's so twisted and perverse. Kids are like adults, [s]ome kids can take it and some can't.

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