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Review by Selmer

I was visiting the States a few weeks ago, I come from Belgium thatīs also why my English is not perfect, and me and my american friend were invited to a special screening of a movie. First we didnīt no which movie we were going to see, but we soon figured out that it was Sleepy Hollow. Of course I thought, Tim Burtons latest movie with Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci and Casper Van Dien. That version of movie we caught, wasnīt the finished version, but a 80% finish version, so the ending credits missed. Well i have always liked Washington Irvingīs short tale of the headless horsemen and i was sure that Burton good make it better.

Ichabod Crane(Johnny Depp) is a New York cop in the 1780, he have to investigate some mysterious beheadings in the town Sleepy Hollow. But the real reason why Crane has been shoved to this town, was that he was getting on everybodys nerves in N.Y. with his crazy methods. Everybody in Sleepy Hollow believes it is the Hessian ghost that rides in the night, but Crane believes in and will prove that there is a scientifically explanation for the deaths. But after a while he naturally falls in love with the girl Katrina(Christina Ricci) and to prove his bravery to the lovely girl by vowing to travel a road said to be haunted by a headless horseman. When he attempts the journey Crane soon learns that the horseman is more than just a legend.

So now you all think was it good or bad??? Well i have nothing against Tim Burton, but this movie really wasnīt what i expected, sometimes it was boring, sometimes it was very boring. The performance of Johnny Depp was overall okay, but Ricci, Van Dien and Miranda Richardson were all awful in their roles. In the matter of fact i think Burton casted the wrong actors and actress. The style were Burton, but the spirit wasnīt, and the lovestory of Depp and Ricci(who played together in Loathing and Fearing in Las Vegas) just seemed to be superfluous. Elfman score was great as always, but i reminded me to much on Edward Sciccors and Nightmare Before X-mas, so it wasnīt as original as i has hoped.

I also think that is version of Sleepy Hollow was far to violent, and nothing like the not-so-violent version from Disney. Well the only good in the movie was some great visuals and some very few creepy moments. So all in all, it was disapointing movie with an awful wrong-placed lovestory.

(3.5 out of 10)

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