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Entertainment Weekly; January, 1999

Tim Burton certainly isn't afraid to let his freak flag fly. Over the past 15 years, the director's given us a Ritalin-starved man-child named Pee-wee, a pasty-faced waif with colossal scissors for hands, and a hack filmmaker with a taste for high heels and angora. Now Burton and three-time on-camera alter ego Johnny Depp (as well as freshly minted Golden Globe nominee Christina Ricci) are in London tackling yet another twisted tale. In Sleepy Hollow (Due this summer), Depp plays Ichabod Crane-Washington Irving's easily spooked hero who goes head-to-neck with the bloodthirsty Headless Horseman. All of which has the star seeing red. Says Depp, looking down at his blood-spattered shirt, 'Tim, what kind of sick movie is this?!?'" Burton&Depp

Entertainment Weekly
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