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Christina Ricci's appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn

on June of 1999, interpreted by Timothy Lightburn:

Kilborn: aaaaah It's called Sleepy Hollow and It's the old story, isn't it.

Ricci: Yeah it's the legend of the headless horseman.

Kilborn: And Johnny Depp uuuh is in it?

Ricci: Yes, I'm basically Johnny Depp's love interest in the movie. (hoots from the audience)

Kilborn: Well you can't beat that.

Ricci: No you can't

Kilborn: That that's great fun

Ricci: Yes it's pretty good

Kilborn: And da, This one you guys just shot in London?

Ricci: Yes, six and a half months in London

Kilborn: How was that experience?

Ricci: It was interesting.

Kilborn: We like London on our show. We had a bunch of guests this week...

Ricci: No no no, I like London, I had a great time there. I met some great people. ummm You can beat the food.

Kilborn: Yes the food is not... They have good Indian restaurants there actually. Did you know that?

Ricci: Yeah but I'm not a big fan of Indian food so I was basically out of luck.

Kilborn: OK, OK, aaah What,.. In the movie, did you have to adopt a British accent?

Ricci: Well, a lot of the movie is tongue in cheek. it's sort of formulatated actor (as in) Hammer horror films. Which is sort painted back drops and bad makeup.

Kilborn: Those are great. Those are.. Hammer is.. It was Peter Cushing and

Ricci: I don't know

Kilborn: and Christopher Lee. They were great They were made in like the Sixties.

Ricci: So a lot of it is tongue and cheek. So I'm basically the American actress with the really bad British accent.

Kilborn: Can you give me some?

Ricci: No. (audience laughs) It was that bad. (She laughs too)

Kilborn: Cause I think a lot of us can do bad British accents.

Ricci: Good. Lets hear yours.

Kilborn: No no no I can't

Ricci: and you want me to do one?

Kilborn: No well I just want to know some of your lines.

Ricci: Well we had really crazy overly dramatic lines like uhmm, like "I rue the day you came to Sleepy Hollow".

Kilborn: I rue the day...

Ricci: yes

Kilborn: you came

Ricci: I fainted a lot, I screamed...

Kilborn: Does that mean like "I regret" ?

Ricci: Yes it does.

Kilborn: (delivering a line) I rue the day..

Ricci: (directing) Curse. it's more like...

Kilborn: I slept with a golden retriever.

(audience does a whoopiing laugh morphing into applause)

Okay...that's it for Sleepy Hollow. From his last awkard golden retriever line, Kilborn launches into some weird diatribe about a book he's writing. "

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