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fall August 24, 1999 New stuff from Ain't It Cool News
and Rolling Stone.
Links available on the Articles page.

fall August 23, 1999 Nuno Markl made desktop goodies
for all to enjoy! You can download the Zip file on
the Multimedia page.

fall August 16, 1999 Three new articles and a
Sleepy Hollow Poetry Contest.

fall Here's another Ain't It Cool News piece, this time
it's about a rough cut of a new trailer.

fall Reportedly, fantasy artist Brom is doing work for
the movie poster.
Thanks toDavid Horne

fall August 11, 1999 Take the Sleepy Hollow Changes
Poll to let me know what you think about
this latest adaptation of Washington Irving's short story.
Or, just visit the Gallery to see new images, including
the one sheet poster now in theatres.

  • Casper VanDien will be one of the guests in the Sleepy
    Hollow room this weekend at the San Diego Comic Con International.

    fall August 3, 1999 No, I haven't gotten an official
    e-newsletter yet, either. No one has.
    (Subscribe at: The Official Site)
    Also, I just wrote something on why the changes made
    to Washington Irving's story in this movie aren't the
    end of artistic integrity. Here it is.

    fall August 2, 1999 Inkworks is going to to do Sleepy
    Hollow trading cards starting in October, supposedly
    with signed (autographed!!!) cast member cards inserted
    randomly in every other box (usually a box has
    between 24 and 36 individual packs of cards in them),
    and other special bonus cards in them as a promotional
    for the film. They did the same thing with the Buffy
    series and were really successful with the autographed
    cards being highly sought after collecter's items.
    Hope you find a Depp and a Ricci!

    fall Two new books by Tim Burton are coming out this fall.
    My Art and Films, due in September from Hyperion
    "...explains how his work is based on his paintings and
    drawings, offering sketches and watercolors that have
    inspired him in his cinema. 30,000 first printing." The
    Art of Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow
    is due in Novermber
    from Pocket Books. Each will cost around $30.

    fall MSN Article on film score composer Danny Elfman

    fall Sign up for an e-newsletter at the Official Site.

    fall Get a glimpse of the McFarlane Toys action figure and
    images from the French version of Premiere magazine in
    the gallery!

    fall Read about the unused movie poster at Ain't It Cool News

    fall The Official Site is now up and running!
    : )
    You can view a far better version of the
    trailer there, as well as amazing graphics!

    fall Due to overwhelming response, the trailer is no longer
    available at this site. The server got overloaded and kicked
    me out.

    fall Ain't It Cool News, this time, it's about the trailer. It's on
    the South Park movie! And over 2 minutes long! : ) : )

    fall Yet another article from Ain't It Cool News

    fall "Family-friendly" Odyssey is working on "Original "big event"
    programming, including a two-hour "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"
    from Jim Henson's Creature Shop, will begin appearing this fall."
    info from Detroit Free Press

    fall Yet another set of images from Ain't It Cool News! Visit their site,
    or just check out The Gallery.

    fall The message board at Everything Depp just reported that the
    release date for the UK is January 2000.

    Info from:

    fall Ain't It Cool News just came out with a lovely report on the UK set
    (with photos that I will soon have here!)

    fall Michelle over at Everything Depp has the script in its entirety up on her
    site now. Sleepy Hollow Script

    fall It seems that the Austrailian release date is: December 26, 1999.
    Info from Gen's Spotlight on Tim Burton

    fall Well, it's the end of May, and various people have been saying that they
    were done filming for a little while now, so I suppose I might as well print it.

    fall The Sleepy Hollow toys will be made by McFarlane Toys, says Ray Couch