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fall October 31, 1999 Happy Halloween! Here is a partial transcript of the Yahoo!Chat with Tim Burton that occurred earlier today. Keep an eye on the spiffy News section at the official site for info on other such upcoming events!

And here's a piece from Ain't It Cool News.

fall October 29, 1999 Those pictures from Allistair Williams' time on the set are up in the Gallery now.

fall October 28, 1999 On Fox tonight, you can watch their computer-generated version of The Night of the Headless Horseman. And here's the URL for a test screening review that AICN posted a week or so ago. On Halloween, Tim Burton will be chatting on Yahoo! Check the re-vamped official site for more info on this and other events/appearances.

fall Oh, and it's officially been rated R. Plus, Kyle told me that "Famous Players" (a movie theatre, I suppose) has a special combo that includes an orange Sleepy Hollow bucket! Fun! And I can't remember if I posted this before, but Fangoria has a cover story on Sleepy Hollow, and I think Cinescape's publishing a bunch of stuff on it, too.

And don't forget those TV versions of Irving's story on Odyssey & Fox!

Also, Mtv has been making a bit of a stink about their upcoming FANatic about Johnny Depp & Christina Ricci. If you think you are a number 1 fan, contact Mtv, so they'll quit e-mailing me already!

fall So, the soundtrack is coming out November 16, and clips are available at the Official Site. Also, I guess that lil paperback is out, or so I've been told. Plus, Odyssey is having a contest to win a trip to upstate New York.

fall October 22, 1999 Storyopolis, a children's bookstore in LA is or will be selling a limited edition litho of a Tim Burton drawing from "Sleepy Hollow" of the headless horseman on his horse. The edition is 125 and they are $450. Their number is 800-95-TALES or They may have more Sleepy art but I do know they have other Burton art for sale. Thanks to Justin

Plus, I heard there's some contest at the Official Site.

fall October 18, 1999 Here's something from Cinescape.

fall October 9, 1999 Yes you, too can join in the joys of e-commerce at the Official Sleepy Hollow Store! The Official Site also has a few other new fun areas. Conj told me that the Austrailia release date is actually January 13th.

fall October 7, 1999 Articles from: Mr. Showbiz, and Cinescape, plus a new Sleepy Hollow-type book.

fall October 2, 1999 Okay, first, there is a new trailer available over at the Official Site. Second, there are a few new (and not exactly "new") articles up. And here is the URL for the poetry contest entries. The site has a re-vamped URL as well, thanks to tripod. It can now be reached at I hear that the issue of Fangoria coming out on October 12th will have some stuff on Sleepy Hollow. I also have some new pics for you, including a look at Fox' computer animated version of the Headless Horseman, but I filled up my 11MBs. Therefore, there will be No More Updates, EVER! I have no room.

Just kidding! ; P I already have 20MBs on another server. But it'll take a bit of doing before anything new other than text gets up here. Plus, classes started last week, so I won't be doing updates as often anymore anywayz. Okay, go and download the new trailer now. : )

fall October 1, 1999 I've been busy. Let's just leave it at that (you don't want to know!). Massive updates are coming this very weekend. But first, the winner of VanTassell's Sleepy Hollow Poetry Contest is...S. Doyle! Thanks to everyone who participated. The entries are part of the long-awaited update.

Also, sadly, My Art and Films, the Tim Burton book that was due in September has apparently been cancelled. I'm hoping this just means that they're gonna give us something even better in the (near?) future. I hope.

fall September 24, 1999 and another six pix from Cinescape are in the Gallery.

fall September 23, 1999 Six more photos from Cinescape are in the Gallery. There's also a little article from CNN.

fall September 22, 1999 The release date for Denmark given by The Internet Movie Database is February 11th. There are some slammin' new color pix from Cinescape in the Gallery. Finally, some Casper VanDien!

fall September 20, 1999 That Premiere Article is up with most of the images (thanks to and Elfmaniac), and more once I get to a scanner.

fall September 19, 1999 The poetry contest is closed! Tune in next week for the announcement of the winner! Thanks to everyone who entered.

And I just got the cover of The Art of Sleepy Hollow in the Gallery.

fall September 17, 1999 More Premiere pictures, thanks to Elfmaniac. And don't forget to enter the Sleepy Hollow Poetry Contest. The deadline is this Sunday!

fall Cinescape says: "September 13, 1999 "There's been some rumors that a series of reshoots is currently going on with Tim Burtonís Sleepy Hollow. An anonymous source checked in with information that claims the film is in the midst of three weeks of shoots which are taking place on location in North New Jersey state. My own source is also telling me that may be reshooting going on. Iíll let you know what I hear."

I just picked up some great stills from that can be seen in the Gallery from the October issue of Premiere magazine. I also finally got the September Premiere article up, which includes a snazzy Depp photo.

fall September 14, 1999 There are a couple of new Articles up, and no, I don't know anything more about the Martin Landau rumor. I have started an Archive of the official site's e-newsletters that can be accessed through the Miscellany page.

I didn't think this one was too newsworthy, but everyone keeps e-mailing me about it: some theatres now have Sleepy Hollow popcorn bags, sort of like how Paramount got South Park on 'em during the summer. They're reportedly covered in scary-looking trees, and have the basic info (title, release date, tagline...)

Also, don't forget to get your Poetry Contest entries in. The deadline is this Sunday, September 19 at 8pm Pacific time.

fall September 9, 1999 Here's what I get for checking my e-mail. IC says: "The Martin Landau rumor is absolutely true, though it's purely a cameo. In fact, reshoots are taking place in Tarrytown, NY (aka Sleepy Hollow) this week--including one key shot involving the severed head on Landau himself!

"Believe it or not, the entire production proved to be almost completely bloodless, so now footage + visual FX are being added to increase the gore factor (though I doubt this will get much farther than standard Hammer fare)."

fall September 8, 1999 There are a couple of new articles up, and I also finally uploaded some promotional images that a couple of loyal e-mailers sent me. And the official site's first e-newsletter was finally sent out this week, so if you missed it, hurry over to the Official Site to sign up!

Shhh! It's been rumored that Martin Landau has a cameo in Sleepy Hollow. But that's just from a newsgroup, so don't forget the salt on this one!

fall September 4, 1999 If you haven't been to the Official Site in the last three minutes, go Now! They now offer desktop downloads And production sketches. New sketches will be posted every two days, so keep an eye on the site.

There are a couple of new Articles up, from Hollywood Outsider and Entertainment Weekly.

I also just got word that "The Night of the Headless Horseman" 3-D animated special from Cinematek will be airing on Fox Thursday, October 28th at 8pm.

fall September 3, 1999 Here's a copy of the press release about McFarlane Toys doing the Sleepy Hollow action figures.

Another release from Pocket Books in November is Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow, a "young adult, illustrated paperback with introduction by Tim Burton" says Amazon. At $5.99 it's probably just an adaptation of the movie with some photos in the middle.

fall One of the places online to get your very own Sleepy Hollow movie poster is The Nostalgia Factory. They have both single and double sided versions.

fall August 30, 1999 Exclusive! Gary Wronecki was nice enough to give us a glimpse behind the scenes, as well as a photo of himself in costume!

fall August 25, 1999 According to the message board at, KinoNewsOnline said that the German release date is January 6. But Switzerland is getting it November 19.

Also, I finally got that old People article on Johnny Depp up, added the images to other recent articles, and a decent copy of the poster, in both low and high resolutions.

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