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March 26, 2000

Art Direction: Rick Heinrichs (art direction) & Peter Young (set decoration)
Rick Heinrich's Acceptance Speech:

Rick Heinrichs

Our set decorator extraordinaire, Peter Young, was unable to come tonight. And if I read the rules correctly I get to take home two of these as a result of that. I hope so, anyway. I just hope you don't mind if I brought this, the teleprompter doesn't work for me. I share this award with an artist whose unique brilliance I got a glimpse of twenty years ago in a wickedly funny short film about a demented artist. Director Tim Burton, whose compelling vision of Sleepy Hollow was the inspiration we all keyed off of. I also share it with two gifted art directors, Les Tomkins and John Dexter. And three wonderful art departments in London, L.A. and New York. I'm grateful for the support and the prodding of producer Scott Rudin, Adam Schroeder and Larry Franco and the backing of Paramount Pictures, Sherry Lansing and Michelle Manning and Ed Morales. And thanks for the patience and love throughout of my wife, Dawn. And thank you to my parents for having me. Thanks.

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