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Pioneer Planet

Published: Friday, September 3, 1999
by Chris Hewitt

The shivery technique that ends the ``Sleepy Hollow'' trailer is destined to be swiped repeatedly in the coming months. Actually, the whole preview is great-looking, with shadowy scenes of 17th-century mysteriousness, illuminated by dancing firelight. There's some romance (courtesy of Johnny Depp and the now-blond Christina Ricci), some intrigue (lots of hubbub about a mysterious killer who beheads his victims) and some dandy music, plucked from director Tim Burton's own ``Beetlejuice.''

But the final few minutes are what really makes this trailer sing -- brief, frightening images of mayhem, which flash in and out in time to the pumping, thumping of a heartbeat.

If the movie can duplicate the ``Yikes'' factor of the trailer when it opens around Thanksgiving, it'll be far from sleepy.

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