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SFX recently contacted Christopher Lee to talk to him about his role of Saruman in The Lord of the Rings and the upcoming Gormenghast BBC TV series. However, he also had this snippet to say about his time on the set of Sleepy Hollow, in which he has a small role.

"I've never had another couple of more enjoyable days than working with Tim Burton and Johnny Depp," says Lee in his deep bass voice. "Working with directors like Stephen Spielberg and Joe Dante, you get a great atmosphere on the set. They were raised on my films, they have encyclopaedic knowledge of them. And itís the same with Tim Burton, this understanding and appreciation of my work. All actors hope for this. They know what youíre capable of."

As for Depp, Lee, who admits he finds the attitude and ego of some young stars somewhat irritating, was impressed.

"I found Johnny Depp not only a great person to be around, but also a remarkably fine actor. I gave him a copy of my book with 'to Johnny Depp, who revived my faith in the star system.' written in the front." SFX can confirm that Lee has landed the role of Saruman, a fitting result we feel.

SFX Magazine
September 8, 1999

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