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The strange autumn of Mr. Tim

Tim Burton will be one of the great American figures of the autumn to the cinema: its new film, " Sleepy hollow ", will come out to the United States on November 30, that is to say the day of Thanksgiving - the French public in front of as for him having patience until the beginning of 2000. Drawn from a book of Washington Irving, this " film of horror way Tim Burton " joined together during long months of turning - under the technical direction of Francis Ford Coppola, executive producer of luxury - Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci, Christopher Walken, LISA Marie, Casper Van Diem and Miranda Richardson. The history proceeds in 1799 in the town of Tarry Town (a Flemish colony close to New York) therefore called " The Sleepy Hollow " because of the heavy atmosphere and paranormale which reigns there. The spirit dominating of the place (played by Walken) is a knight without head - a ball of gun tore it off at the time of a combat - which haunts the village. Ichabod Cranium (Johnny Deep), coldly unloaded of its native Connecticut, is the new teacher of Tarry Town, intelligent character, and even shining, but cruel and manipulator, brought to make a pact with the knight without surrealist Portrait head of a strange world , " Sleepy hollow " will find a prolongation on paper with "The Art of Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow", a book entirely devoted to turning and the decorations announced in November at Pocket Books. Another book signed " Burton, My Art and films ", will come out to the United States (at Hyperion) as of September

Y Fr
September 6, 1999

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