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Here's some info on the Inkworks cards that I
picked up off the Danny Elfman newsgroup.
(thanks to FanOBoingo)
     SERIES DETAILS ==============
    Basic set (90 cards)--The complete movie story
plus rare behind the scenes photos. At least
one setguaranteed in every box.
    INSERT SETS Heads Will Roll (9 cards,1:11)--
Etched foil character cards. Pick your favorite
and sever away. Mini-Lobby poster cards (6 cards,
1:17)--metallic cards done in classic horror
style Ye Old Tabloid (1 card, 1:108)--One
Colonial scandal sheet featuring the case of
the missing heads printed in unique die-cut
parchment style.(Technologies and ratios are
subject to change.)
    Autographs--Limited edition autographs from fan
favorites (e.g., Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Danny
Elfman, and others). The full list of autos is
not yet set. At least one auto in every other box.

Storyopolis, a children's LA is
or will be selling a limited edition litho
of a Tim Burton drawing from "Sleepy Hollow"
of the headless horseman on his horse. The
edition is 125 and they are $450. Their number
is 800-95-TALES or
They may have more Sleepy art but I do know
they have other Burton art for sale.
Thanks to Justin

The Fifth Horseman: A Sleepy Hollow Legend

Mr. Andrew O. "I Am A Moral Atheist" Lutes
wants the world to know:
"Washington Irving was making a biblical
allusion joke with the name of the lead
character in his 'Sleepy Hollow' story.
In I Samuel 4:21, the name 'Ichabod' means
'inglorious.' The Hebrews, like the Puritans,
gave verbs and adjectives as proper names.
So, by naming his character 'Ichabod,' Irving
was calling his character 'inglorious;' a
joke his biblically literate reading audience
no doubt smiled at, but is lost to current
day readers and watchers."

Messenger Archive (Official site e-newsletters)

Reportedly, fantasy artist Brom is doing work for
the movie poster.
Thanks toDavid Horne

Inkworks is going to to do Sleepy Hollow trading cards
starting in October, supposedly with signed (autographed!!!)
cast member cards inserted randomly in every other box
(usually a box has between 24 and 36 individual packs
of cards in them), and other special bonus cards in
them as a promotional for the film. They did the same
thing with the Buffy series and were really successful
with the autographed cards being highly sought after
collecter's items. Hope you find a Depp and a Ricci!

Ichabod Figure The Sleepy Hollow toys will be made
by McFarlane Toys, says Ray Couch
The set will include "Ichabod Crane, The Crone, two figures of the
Headless Horseman, and a deluxe figure with horse"
according to Corona Coming Attractions.
Find photos of the Sleepy Hollow action figures in the Gallery
Here's a copy of the press release about McFarlane Toys
doing the Sleepy Hollow action figures.

Two new books by Tim Burton are coming out this fall.
The Art of Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow is due in
November from Pocket Books, and will cost around $30.
Another release from Pocket Books in November is Tim
Burton's Sleepy Hollow,
a "young adult, illustrated
paperback with introduction by Tim Burton" says Amazon.
At $5.99 it's probably just an adaptation of the movie
with some photos in the middle.
Terrible News! My Art and Films has been cancelled!
Info on this book is no longer available anywhere,
including Amazon. Hopefully, this just means that when
(not if) it does arrive, it'll be way cooler!

Disney is releasing a 50th anniversary video of
The Adventures of Ichabod and Mister Toad

Cinematek Productions is producing a fully 3-D computer graphic
version of the story for television with an associate company called
Computed Animation Technology. The program will be called "The
Night of the Headless Horseman" and air on FOX Thursday, October
28th at 8pm.
Unlike Tim's movie this animated version will be a true recreation
on the Irving classic. More info.

"Family-friendly" Odyssey is working on "Original 'big event'
programming, including a two-hour 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow'
from Jim Henson's Creature Shop, will begin appearing this fall."
info from Detroit Free Press


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Disney's Brom
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