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fall August 25, 2000 Tim Burton turns 42 today. Happy Birthday Tim!
: )

fall So far, Tim Burton has refused to let anyone have the rights to reproduce the horseman's sword for retail sale. If I learn that this sword is being made, I will post that information on this web page as soon as it is made available to me. Please do not e-mail me about this. I have nothing to do with whether this product will be made, and neither does anybody I know. All of the information on this subject that I have has already been posted on this site. I have no motive for keeping any Sleepy Hollow news from you.

fall Sleepy Hollow will begin airing on Pay-Per-View July 7th.

fall June 29, 2000 Check the Gallery and Collectables for new scans.

fall Jason Woodard says:
I just learned that Tim burton him self Does not want any of the weapons used In sleepy Hollow.,Replacated for sale to the public.I collect movie replica`s ,So when I heard this news I was very unhappy.I wrote Mr Burton a letter hopeing He may change his mind and let them be made for sale for fans like me.Factory X .com made the movie sword Blade for the public I have One It Is very well made just like the one In the movie. Factory X really wanted to make the sleepy hollow sword . They are the ones that gave me this news.If you could tell every one this news and If enough people write him and send him emails wanting this sword made for sale for the fans .He just might change his mind. thank you for your time

fall On June 2nd, Tim Burton received a Silversword award at the first Maui Film Festival in Hawai'i "for outstanding contribution in film." The article is here.

fall May 23, 2000 Do you have your copy of Sleepy Hollow yet? It comes out today, so go get one already!

fall Christopher Walken's portrayal of the Headless Horseman is up for Best Villain in the Mtv Movie Awards! Visit Mtv to vote many many times. I just don't understand how Walken and Miranda Richardson were left out of the Best Kiss category!

fall Yeh again! Rick Heinrichs got the Best Production Design award and Colleen Atwood recieved the Best Costume Design award from BAFTA!

fall Yeh! Rick Heinrichs & Peter Young both received Oscars on March 26, 2000 for the art direction of Sleepy Hollow!

fall Straight from alt.movies.tim-burton to you: From DVD Review:

Sleepy Hollow to make its DVD debut in May February 15, 2000

Eagerly awaited, we have finally been able to uncover some information about Sleepy Hollow. The movie that has just recevied three Academy Award nominations this morning is well underway for a release on DVD. Paramount Home Video is preparing Tim Burton's latest masterpiece about the headless horseman day and date on VHS and DVD on May 23. Although this will be the movie's DVD debut, the folks at Paramount have decided to give the movie the royal treatment as a special edition. Apart from a 16x9 enhanced widescreen transfer and a 5.1 Dolby Digital audio track, from what we hear, the disc will be chock-full with supplements, including a commentary track by Tim Burton himself! Given the stunning visual quality of the movie and its excellent use of special effects to create the moody atmosphere of Sleepy Hollow, we are sure, the supplements on the disc will make a great addition to the disc and as soon as we learn more about the exact content of the disc, we will let you know. For now, just mark May 23 in your calendar for the release of the best horror film of 1999!

fall From the L.A. Times, Feb. 18, 2000. By Barbara Thomas: ...on Monday [February 21, 2000] begins the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising's eighth annual "The Art of Motion Picture Costume Design" exhibit. This year, costumes will come from 17 1999 movies... What is amazing is that FIDM plans its annual exhibit months in advance and its choice usually line up with the Oscar nominations. This year, the exhibit will have costumes from all five nominees. The exhibit runs Monday [February 21, 2000] through April 28, 11a.m. to 3 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays, at the school museum, 919 s. Grand Ave., Los Angeles. Admission is free. (213) 624-1200.

fall February 15, 2000 Academy Award nominations are in. Rick Heinrichs & Peter Young for Art Direction; Emmanuel Lubezki for Cinematography; Colleen Atwood for Costume Design. For more info on Sleepy Hollow awards and nominations, visit IMDB: Awards.

fall February 11, 2000 Hey, lookee what I just noticed: !!!! It's in French but it's incredibly cool.

Here's something I heard about a while back but hadn't seen anything on since August: Ted Hazen says: Just thought I would write and let you know there is another Sleepy Hollow collectable out there that has gone over looked. It is a model kit that sells for $22.00 in hobby shops. I have seen it on ebay as listed at headless horseman model. I thought for a long time it was someone elses way of describing the headless horseman figure. Then I looked at it. It is a headless horeseman from Tim's film but with a head of old Icabod Crane from the book and movie cartoon. It is made by Polar Lights a division of the old Auroa Models that made the old Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman, the Mummy, the Hunchback, the Phantom of the Opera, etc. back in the 1960 that we all had as a kid. Polar lights

fall December 17, 1999 Ok, well I got a whole lot of those reviews posted finally. Fan fiction should now be sent to The Shrine of the Hessian. You can get a signed piece of Tim Burton's artwork at the official site's store's auction.

fall December 7, 1999 Hey everybody! There are new images in the gallery, including the evil eye, Ichabod's ring and Christopher Walken's head! Yippee!

And I will be getting around to posting all of your reviews and answering questions soon; this is the last week of school for me! Yippee, again!

Oh, and Happy Chanukah! : )

fall November 22, 1999 The L.A Times says that Sleepy Hollow helped in breaking a box office record this past weekend!

fall Movie reviews are here. Also, I've been getting some e-mails about Fan Fiction, and it sounds like a good idea. If you have any, send it my way, and I'll post it.

fall See Stain Boy animated and sign up for more e-mail at!

fall Keep your eye on the News section of the Official Site, and the score came out on Tuesday, November 16th. There is lots of press for Sleepy Hollow all over the place, so watch for magazines and TV shows.

And you can view an exclusive movie clip at IGNMovies.

fall Hey, look what I made instead of doing something productive! Click on Through...

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