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Johnny broke into the national consciousness on the teen cop show "21 Jump Street" back in 1987. Despite his rise to teen idol status, Depp has since proven his acting ability, and been nominated several times for Golden Globes. Recently, Depp picked up an Honorary Cesar award. Depp first began working with Tim Burton on Edward Scissorhands, a true departure from Jump Street's Hanson character.

Depp also makes forays into independent films. In 1997, Depp wrote, directed and starred in The Brave, and also starred in 1993's Arizona Dream and '95's Dead Man.

The image many have of Depp is similar to that of a rock star. Johnny has been known to trash hotel rooms and date super models. He even appeared in Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' video "Into the Great Wide Open" as a partying, leather-clad rocker.

Sleepy Hollow will mark Depp's third starring role in one of Tim Burton's films. Johnny also portrayed the title character in Ed Wood. Lazy entertainment columnists are already comparing their professional relationship to that of Alfred Hitchcock & Jimmy Stewart and Martin Scorsese & Robert DeNiro.


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