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My name is Gary Wronecki and I was lucky enough to have been picked out by Tim Burton to play one of the Sleepy Hollow villagers and had 6 wonderful weeks working in the few years that I have been doing walk on and extra work I have never had such a good vibe on set...the feel good factor came down from Tim Burton and through all the cast and crew...and you have to remember that a lot of the time we were shooting at night and it was damn cold and usually raining...not to mention we were all ankle deep in mud...all I can say to you is that the village that was built for the movie is stunning and I for one can't wait to see it on the big screen.
As for Tim Burton...all I can say is the guy is a total gentleman, and all the cast felt quite happy talking to us background people, Jeffrey Jones is a great story teller and believe me when he listen...Michael Gambon is a lager than life character...And Mr Depp was just a very nice guy with time to chat and laugh with most of the cast and crew. To finish I would just like to say...and I'm sure if anybody else that was involved in the movie in any way will agree with me in saying that Sleepy Hollow was an absolute pleasure to work on.

Gary in Costume