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Marc is 14 years old, and lives in Hull, England. Most of his acting experience is in theatre.
Marc played Snake Eyes in the NYMT production of Bugsey Malone which was performed in London's West End. He also played Bugsey Malone in Northern Theatre's production of Bugsey at the Hull New Theatre. Marc is due to do another performance of Bugsey with SMYT in which he plays Bugsey and his brother, Scott, is Marc's understudy. This will be performed in July at the Civic Theatre, Leads, England.
Jesus Christ Superstar: Marc was Pilate in this with SMYT at the Civic, Leads
(oh, and the reception on the tv in Marc's trailor on set was really bad.)

Scott Pickering, Marc's younger brother, is the hand model for Young Ichabod.

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Young Masbeth

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