www.sherryweb.com/steven (my Steven fan site) Stevenfan@sherryweb.com (my new email address) Steven was born and raised in Leeds, England. At age 18, he earned a place at London's East 15 Acting School and three years later joined the esteemed Royal Shakespeare Company. He spent a two-year season with the Company, appearing in such plays as "All's Well That Ends Well," "Coriolanus" and "Pericles," before being cast as the lead in "Edward II" at around age 23 in 1991. Following are some of his most well known films: "Tarzan and the Lost City", 1998 as Nigel Ravens "Ivanhoe", 1997-A&E TV as Ivanhoe "Face", 1997 UK as Stevie "Carrington", 1995 as Rex Partridge "Royal Deceit", 1998 as Ribold "1492-Conquest of Paradise", 1992 as Bartolome "Last of the Mohicans", 1992 as Major Duncan Heyward