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Ichabod walks with Philipse. Young Masbath follows with the horses. CICADAS CHATTER from a vast corn field.


Not more than a year ago, a mob hung

a man for stealing a horse. For stealing

a horse! And, you dig up our dead.


Are you saying I should be frightened?

Is this a message passed on from

Clergyman Steenwyck?

The CICADAS SUDDENLY go SILENT. Young Masbath notices.


We are farmers here, not lawyers or

bankers, or even constables.

Every penny we earn comes from

what we send down the Hudson.


I know it.


Um... excuse me, sirs...


(still to Ichabod)

Because of the Horseman, our migrant

workers flee for their lives. There is

a danger that our crops will rot.

So, if you are going to help us,

you stop the Horseman. That

is your task... to kill an undead thing.

Young Masbath looks to a fenced grazing area, worried. The sheep there are agitated, all running in one direction --away.


Listen to what you say....


No, you listen! You may think we are

a pack of superstitious dullards...


At times I do.


Sirs... please!


What will it take for you to realize

this is no laughing matter?

The horses go crazy, braying and rearing. The reins yank Young Masbath off his feet as the horses flee.

Ichabod and Philipse look to Masbath. A SOUND is HEARD, distant: THUNDERING HOOFBEATS. Wind kicks up. HOOFBEATS seem to come FROM ALL DIRECTIONS.

Philipse looks to the corn field. A flock of birds alights; a great sheet of black against the sky.


Oh my... oh my oh my oh my...

Philipse runs towards his house, past Masbath. HOOFBEATS are LOUDER, CLOSER. Ichabod faces the corn field.

The field explodes open, stalks bending to make way as the Headless Horseman gallops into view atop Daredevil.

Young Masbath runs, following Philipse.

Ichabod's stunned. He looks down to draw his flintlock pistol, but the Horseman blows by before he can raise it. A blast of air knocks Ichabod off

his feet.

The Horseman chases Masbath and Philipse.

Ichabod follows.

The Horseman draws his sword.

Young Masbath falls in the grass...

Daredevil's pounding hooves will certainly crush him.

Daredevil leaps over Young Masbath, continuing the charge.

Philipse has a long way to go before home. He looks over his shoulder. No way he'll make it.

Ichabod, running, watches Philipse slow.

Philipse gathers all his courage and stops, turning. The Horseman is closing, sword held high.

Philipse raises his talisman.



Philipse holds the talisman up, trying to be fearless. The Horseman swings --we HEAR the CLANK of sword on talisman...

Philipse's severed head spins. His body falls and folds.

Ichabod runs past Young Masbath.

The Horseman halts just as Ichabod reaches a point in front of dead Philipse, aiming his pistol. Daredevil lets out a SCREECHY CRY. The Horseman rides toward Ichabod.

Ichabod gets on one knee, trying to steady his pistol. The Horseman closes.

Ichabod sweats bullets. FIRES...

The slug SLAMS the Horseman dead center --bursts through and rends his uniform without slowing him.

The Horseman is almost on Ichabod. Ichabod cringes, arms up... as the Horseman passes.

The Horseman leans over to skewer Philipse's head with his sword.

With the head as his prize, the Horseman races away.

Ichabod gets up, watches the Horseman head to the forest. Ichabod looks to Young Masbath, finds his legs will not support him, falls, trembling.


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